How to make your own wine charms

I’ve been working like mad, getting ready for this craft fair that’s coming up in ten days. I’ll be showing a lot of new items that aren’t on my Etsy site yet, so the folks at the Shoreline Holiday Market will be getting the first dibs (those lucky people!).

One of my newest additions to the Jadeflower line is Alphabet Wine Charms. These charms are great, especially with all those holiday parties coming up, and you want people to keep track of which glass is theirs. The beauty of the Alphabet is that people can use an initial from their name, rather than remembering “oh yeah, mine was the starfish.”

Wine charms are simple to make and can be as varied in style as real jewelry, so have fun with it! I kept mine simple, focusing on the handmade letter charms that I made.

How to do it:

1) Gather your materials:
wine charm materials*a length of sturdy wire
*wire cutters
*round pliers
*needle nose pliers
*something cylindrical to wrap the wire around (I used a highlighter pen)
*beads, pendants, etc to adorn your charms

With your wire-cutter, cut the wire into uniform lengths, slightly longer than your cylinder circumference. Now you’re ready for the next step.

2) Make your end-loop:
wireGrasp the end of the wire with your round pliers. In a fluid motion, wrap the wire around the end of the pliers until you have formed your loop.
(This loop holds your charm closed when then other end is hooked into it)

3) Form your hoop/circle for the charm.
wire-circleUsing your cylinder as a guide, wrap the wire around until you’ve formed your circle shape. Note: You want some overlap.

4) Add your beads, pendants, etc to the wire circle.
P1010868Once you have strung on your beads, take your needle-nose pliers and turn the end of your wire circle up at a 90 degree angle – this will keep your beads from escaping, and it also serves as the closing hook for your charm.

5) You’re done! Admire your work and have a drink!


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