PHS Choir Goes To Russia

**For an update on the Russia Trip, check out this post!**

People who know me well are aware of my choir roots – from elementary school through to college (and after) I have been a choir geek. I just have a need to sing, and music has been a defining element of my character. I’ve had my fair share of choir directors – all different, and each with something unique to pass on to their choir members.

In high school, I was a proud member of the select girls’ choir Valkyries my Sophomore year, and I was an equally proud member of the PHS Concert Choir my Junior and Senior years. Sophomore year was especially memorable, because the Valkyries traveled to New York City for a tour and choral festival. I know first hand how traveling, especially when young, can have such an influence and impact on a person.

This brings me to my topic today: The Puyallup High School Concert Choir is going to RUSSIA!

That’s right, none of this staying in the United States business. This is the trip of a lifetime for these kids!

You may ask, why on earth did they decide to do a Russian choir tour?? Well, last school year, a young choral group from Russia, called the Vladimir Girls Choir, did a tour of the Northwest, and at one stop paired up with the PHS choral program, putting on a fantastic performance in the PHS auditorium. The Russian students spent the night with student host families, and to the Puyallup kids’ surprise – “they’re just like us!”

Since that event, PHS choir director (yes, my father ^_^) George Guenther has worked tirelessly to coordinate a historic trip for the choir students of Puyallup and further develop this special relationship with their international friends in music and culture! Their trip is scheduled for Spring Break 2010.

Coming up this month, the Puyallup High School Concert Choir and Norselanders Jazz Choir will be putting on a benefit concert to raise money for their historic trip.

Sunday, November 22nd
3:00 pm
Puyallup High School Auditorium
Tickets: $15.00

ALL proceeds benefit the choir in their trip to Russia.
(Tickets can be bought at the door, and there will be a reception with cookies after the concert! woo hoo!)

For a taste of how talented these students are, here is a video from May 2009. Don’t they deserve to see the world and share music with others?


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