A fall Seattle morning

I love mornings, especially when I have time to sit down and have breakfast with a nice cup of coffee or tea. This morning I had a treat – my friend Nate gave me a tin of loose-leaf black tea that I couldn’t wait to try. Nate has the hook-up on good stuff because he works for Fonté Coffee Roasters down in Georgetown.


mmmm - tea

And to complement the tea, a nice slice of…pumpkin pie!
Now, don’t think I eat junk food for breakfast – this is a healthy pie, I swear! No sugar (hello agave!) and made totally from scratch – even the crust, which has been a revelation, since I have never had much luck making pie crust myself.



So yummy! The pumpkin I used came from my farm box – every other week we pick up a box of organic, seasonal, local produce through our CSA program farm: Full Circle Farm. I love knowing we’re supporting a local farm, and getting great fruits and veggies to boot!

**************************Knitting Update*******************************

After a dreary stretch of rain to kick off the fall season, we’ve had a few beautiful days since Halloween. It’s definitely chilly out, though (but I prefer a chilly clear day to rain). So lucky me – I’ve finished my awesome rainbow colored fingerless mittens that I was knitting!

See –


ta da!

They are quite cozy and certainly unique. ^_^


fingerless mittens - rainbow style

Looks like it’s time to start a new knitting project…hmmm. Maybe matching rainbow legwarmers?? 😉


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