So Here I Am

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, and I think I am finally going to just take the plunge and start my own personal blog.  Perhaps the world doesn’t need another silly person putting up their thoughts for all to see, but here it is!

I’m hoping to use this space as a venue to share what I’m doing. Of course it will be linked to what I’m doing with my art and ceramic work on my Etsy shop (conveniently called Jadeflower as well). This will be a way for me to show what I’m working on currently or what my inspiration is.

This blog will also, undoubtedly, be a home for all the hodge podge of crafty projects I can’t seem to live without! Maybe we’ll see some tutorial-type posts showing random arts & crafts project or fun recipes I’m making.

Anyhow, I’m excited to see where this road takes me, and if it’s nothing more than recording a little bit of my life, then that’s just peachy keen so long as I enjoy the ride!

Free Bird


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One response to “So Here I Am

  1. Mom

    As the mother of the bride, I am thrilled you and M chose a long engagement. The act of creation is so sweet and this is a very creative time for both of you. Enjoy!

    P.S. You may even change my mind about blogs!

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